How Drivers Can Prevent Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is a dangerous condition where a vehicle slides uncontrollably on a slippery road. Rain and heavy storms create the perfect atmosphere for hydroplaning. Yet, by driving safely and performing regular maintenance, you can significantly reduce the chances of hydroplaning.

Drivers who pay attention to their tires reduce the risk of hydroplaning. The first step is to purchase a dependable set of tires. Some specific tire models are created with to be hydroplane resistant. Rotating your tires on a regular schedule also helps. Worn or bald tires also contribute to hydroplaning.

You can also prevent hydroplaning by driving in a safe manner. When the weather is bad, consider traveling at a slower speed. You should be especially careful in areas where you see that the street is very wet. Also, take care to avoid accelerating at a fast rate. Rapid acceleration makes it more probable that hydroplaning will occur.

If you need help making your car safer on wet surfaces, contact Kempthorn Mazda. The experienced Mazda service staff can make suggestions to help you prevent hydroplaning.

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