Signs Your Exhaust Is Leaking and When to Get it Serviced

Your car's exhaust system does three main things. It deadens sound that would otherwise come from the car's engine. It prevents emissions from being sent out into the air. It also regulates the heat coming from the engine as it passes under the vehicle.

When your exhaust starts to go bad, you may notice unpleasant fumes, an increased noise coming from under the car, or loss of power may become a problem. You may even notice the car is using more fuel than normal. You might also notice a vibrating sensation when you accelerate. The vibrations can also be felt in the steering wheel or through the car seat.

When you notice these types of problems with your car, it's a good idea to have a professional check it out right away. Schedule an appointment with the Mazda service department at Kempthorn Mazda to have your exhaust system inspected and serviced to keep your ride in top condition.

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