Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings

Have you ever wondered what viscosity ratings could possibly stand for? Join the club of many other drivers who had the same question as they purchased their motor oil. In simple terms, viscosity ratings are an indication of motor oil's ability to resist flow.

Most of us understand that an engine could not run if it was not lubricated, hence the importance of frequent oil changes at Kempthorn Mazda. Viscosity ratings are composed of two numbers: The first shows oil's flow in the low temperatures, while the second shows the flow at 100 degrees Celsius. It matches the car with the appropriate type of motor oil.

Why does temperature matter? Because motor oil needs to be thinner in the winter in order to move faster, and thicker in the summer to fully lubricate heated engines. Knowing the right viscosity rating will help you keep your engine healthy as you drive around Canton, OH. Come to our Mazda service facility soon for an oil change!

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