What Does Your Tire Pressure Light Indicate?

When you have a tire pressure monitoring system on your vehicle, there are times when the tire pressure light will turn on. If the light stays on, this means that one of your tires needs to have air added to it. Check your owners manual to see what tire pressure is correct for your particular vehicle.

When do you properly inflate your tires to the right pressure, your tire pressure light should turn off. If the light doesn’t turn off, try shutting your vehicle off completely and waiting a few seconds before turning it back on. Press the reset button, and this can also turn your tire pressure light off.

If your tire pressure monitor light continues to stay on, you could have a slow leak in one your tires. Visit our service center today at Kempthorn Mazda and we will check your tires for you and replace your tires as needed. If there’s a problem, we will fix your tires so you can be safe on the road again.

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