Learn the Signs of an Exhaust Leak

Responsible car owners know to have their vehicles regularly serviced to troubleshoot problems, but even then, you may encounter an issue that requires a repair.

While they probably won't alert you to every possible leak, your ears and nose serve as excellent exhaust leak detectors. When a leak begins, it is common to hear a loud hissing noise, and you may notice the smell of gas. It's important, though, to have qualified technicians confirm and repair the leak. Exhaust systems are built to last, but when they begin to leak, immediate repair is needed. In extreme cases, harmful carbon monoxide can enter the vehicle and can be life-threatening. Also, if your exhaust system is older than five years, you should have it inspected thoroughly.

When you have questions about your exhaust system stop by Kempthorn Mazda and our dedicated technicians will make sure your vehicle is safe on the road.



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