Your car has a language all its own, and you should listen when it "talks." If your car is grinding when you put the key in and turn it, then your car is telling you that the starter is worn out. When the grinding sound becomes a whining sound, you need to get it serviced right away, or it could cause serious engine damage.

The starter eventually wears out over time. If you have an older vehicle, you can expect to replace the starter at some point. A worn gear causes the grinding noise. If it progresses to whining, then your flywheel is not engaging and you are at risk for severe engine damage. As the damage continues, a starter failure can be expected at some time in the near future, but you can avoid this situation.

If your starter shows signs of wear, schedule an appointment at Kempthorn Mazda in Canton, OH, and we can take care of your starter and your other service needs, too.


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