Tire rotations are a part of preventative maintenance on your vehicle to save you money in the long run and keep your vehicle driving smoothly. As a rule of thumb, you should rotate your tires every 5,000 miles that you drive in Canton, OH.

Why rotate tires? You'll want to schedule tire rotation to keep all tires wearing evenly and prevent unwanted wear on drivetrain parts. You will save more money on tires because they won't wear out as fast, plus when you bring your car to places like Kempthorn Mazda for routine maintenance, it will go through a full inspection to give you more confidence driving.

What is the correct way to rotate tires? One of the most common ways to give tires a refresh is by switching the front tires onto the rear; however, it will depend on your car's wheel specifications and if the tires are directional or not. Remember to rotate your tires before traveling for the holiday season.


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