For generations, drivers relied on rearview and sideview mirrors to help change lanes safely. Every driver knows that these mirrors are no guarantee. Phantom vehicles can still lurk undetected in your blind spot or appear out of nowhere. That's why a blind-spot monitor is such a great idea.

Standard or Optional

Our Kempthorn Mazda team is particularly ecstatic that the blind-spot monitor is all but standard or at least an option on upper and even lower trims. This advanced safety feature utilizes sensors and/or cameras to monitor the blind spots on either side of your vehicle. When a vehicle enters your blind spot, the blind-spot monitor system issues either a visual or an audible alert, a combination of both or sometimes a subtle shaking of the driver's chair.

The Important of Blind-Spot Monitors

An IIHS safety study from 2015 found that close to 85,000 lane-departure crashes could've been avoided were blind-spot monitors more widely available. In the highly competitive auto market, makers are scrambling to make blind-spot monitors available as standard active safety features. That's good news for all of us.

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